Screening bucket VRC

Screening bucket VRC

The VRC screening bucket is the result of careful analysis by our R&D department, combining innovation and high productivity.

The VRC screening machine is designed for sorting and separating various materials resulting from demolition or excavation directly on site.

The VRC Cangini screening bucket is distinctive for its high productivity due to a high number of shafts (in each model a minimum of 4) composed of easily replaceable discs and positioned in an arc to increase the screening area, not flat like common screening machines on the market.

Even the smallest model has at least four screening shafts arranged for higher output per hour.

In addition, the VRC screening bucket, thanks to its toothed profile, allows for easy loading of the material to be screened. The thickness of the material to be selected can vary from 0-20mm to 0-35mm.

Screening machine maintenance is even easier thanks to:

  • Automatic chain tensioning
  • Bearings centralized greasing
  • Easy replacement of the single shaft

Available in six models for every type of excavator, mini excavator and backhoe loader from 2.5 ton up to 22.0 ton.

Easy of use

The bucket has centralised greasing of the bearings as standard, which facilitates product maintenance.

Fast maintenance

The screening shafts are positioned to increase the screening area and the discs are individually replaceable.

Long Working Life

The safety valve protects the motor from pressure peaks generated during operation, giving it a long service life.


Girobox Rotary actuator GB

Girobox Rotary actuator GB

The compact rotary actuator Giro Box GB increases freedom of movement in the work area thanks to its 360° rotation.

Any tool can be rotated up to 360° to make work easier and more precise, saving time and reducing manual work.

Giro Box features a compact design with the aim of achieving high breakout forces. The cast body ensures a long service life requiring little maintenance.

360° rotation

Rotates each tool 360° reducing time and handling on site.




The 4-in-1 excavator bucket is a multifunctional piece of equipment that can perform various tasks on the construction site.

It is ideal for loading, levelling, grabbing and unloading material without having to replace any parts.

It is equipped with a double toothed blade that makes the bucket effective for gripping different materials.

A product that stands out for its versatility and flexibility of use, making work on site easier and more functional with the use of a single piece of equipment.

The opening and closing of the jaw allows the equipment to be used for multiple applications.

Suitable for loading and handling, the serrated sides of the 4-in-1 Cangini bucket are designed to facilitate grabbing and containment of material while moving.

Reliable, it is equipped with an overcenter valve to limit the strain on the structure while protecting it.




The Nox TR rotary hydraulic actuator enables continuous rotation through 360° and a tilt angle of 50° on both sides.

It allows maximum efficiency on any application and saving time and resources. In this case, the precise, well calibrated infilling of trenches and the moving of different types of materials in tight areas are no problem.


Increase your range of operation for more freedom of movement with 360° rotation and 50° tilt per side.


The Grab Module TRG is ideal for handling logs and pipes. Does not interact with the attachment’s motor.




The M’lock, reversible quick coupling is equipped with the most advanced safety systems: the front visual indicator that is activated when the pins are engaged and shows the operator the coupling status from the cab; the double seat coupling fork and the side visual indicator. “Safe Check”allows you to check the coupling status. The side panels are made entirely of HB400. It is available even in semi automatic configuration.

The hydraulic version, with a double-acting system, handles coupling and uncoupling directly from the cab in a few seconds. The active safety system features a front safety lock that is activated when the pins are engaged and secures the tool, preventing it from accidentally falling in the event of incorrect engagement. If the pins disengage, the safety mechanism around the body of the coupler is automatically triggered. The coupling status can be checked easily and immediately by the driver in the cab thanks to a visual indicator on the attachment. Added to this is the triangular side indicator. During coupling, once the pins are engaged the operator can check the status at once from the cab; if the indicator is red, the operation has failed.
The new couplers are also fitted with an additional system to prevent accidental attachment drops. In response to the ever-tighter safety regulations, the new double cradle form of the fork provides an even greater obstacle to dropping of an incorrectly coupled attachment; if coupling alignment is incorrect and the tool position means there is a risk of disengagement, the pin is offered a backup locking position in the new fork profile, to prevent dropping.

safe check indicator

The new triangular ‘Safe Check’ side indicator allows the coupling status to be checked for increased safety.


Thefork’s double profile creates a greater obstacle to the tool falling.

Frontal indicator

Thanks to the visual front indicator, the coupling status can be checked directly from the cab.


Together, these three features make the quick coupling safe and compliant with the requirements of the Machinery Directive.




The C.B. Series hydraulic demolition hammer is available in 9 models for excavators with working weight from 0.5 to 12.5 tonnes.

Its encased structure is designed to minimise the noise levels emitted by the hammer. The system is developed to recover inertial energy from nitrogen, resulting in increased power.

The product’s design enables greater visibility when at work.



The reversible S Nordic System quick coupler allows simple attachment coupling and uncoupling in just a few seconds. Ready for any working conditions, it can be installed on the quick coupling systems most widely used in Scandinavia.

In the double-acting hydraulic version, the operator can change the attachment easily without leaving the cab and without the aid of additional staff, with a major time saving which makes changing tool worthwhile even for short work cycles.

In the hydraulic version the ‘Safe check’ side indicator allows full control of the coupling stage. It allows you to check that the quick coupling is safely engaged.

Added to this is the front indicator that allows to check the coupling status directly from the cab for more safety.

The fork’s double profile create a greater obstacle to the accidental fall of the tool.


Il nuovo indicatore Laterale triangolare “Safe check” permette di verificare lo stato di aggancio per una maggiore sicurezza.


Il profilo a doppia culla crea un maggiore ostacolo alla caduta dell’utensile.


Grazie all’indicatore visivo frontale è possibile verificare lo stato di aggancio direttamente dalla cabina.


L’insieme di queste tre caratteristiche rende l’attacco rapido sicuro e conforme alle richieste della Direttiva Macchine.




The new ATC model auger is made of high quality steel and incorporates many features that make work easier and more efficient. It ensures efficient drilling thanks to the length of the auger, which is optimised according to diameter, while the constant spiral cut allows the tines to be arranged in such a way as to optimise digging.

The cutting angle of the teeth ensures that the waste material is thoroughly crushed to avoid any clogging. With different combinations of wear parts, these augers can adapt to soft soils, mixed rocky and even icy terrain. The Auger is supplied complete with pipes.

stump planer

The Auger accessory for effective, easy and clean removal of tree stumps of any size in a short time.


The attachment is compact and robust for easy processing and recycling of logs. The Conical Shape Makes Its Way Into The Log, Splitting It In Two.


Mixer bowl enables quick and easy mixing of concrete.




Twist ks hydraulic actuator allows an inclination of up to 180°, increasing flexibility and efficiency of all equipment to simplify the Digging operations also in places difficult to reach.

The design is compact with minimal height and low weight, while its robust structure Ensures a long working life.


Clamshell Bucket

Clamshell Bucket

The clamshell bucket is designed to withstand wear, with cutting edges in HB500 steel to ensure a long working life. This attachment is also ideal for handling bulk materials and for loading waste.

Suitable for excavation and for loading soil, sand and other inert materials. Its compact design guarantees a high load capacity, with excellent excavation characteristics provided by high closing forces.