Last News and Events of Cangini World.

30 years together, and my thanks to all of you.

On Cangini Benne’s 30th anniversary, I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who has contributed to the growth of our operations throughout these years.

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Trade fairs

Meeting you at the trade fairs will be a great pleasure.

Bauma 2019: a new successful edition for Cangini

Bauma 2019 ended a few days ago with a rousing success. Every day hundreds of visitors surrounded the fifty Cangini exhibits and experienced the company’s motto “Welcome to Cangini World”.

Cangini at Bauma 2019

Del 8 al 14 de abril, quienes visiten Bauma 2019 podrán aprovechar de una ocasión única para conocer todos los productos y el personal de Cangini.

“If ants agree, they can move an elephant” as the African saying goes.

Alleviate poverty is difficult, but not impossible.

Enter Cangini World

An important step is ahead for you.
From January 12th, 2018 Enter Cangini World.