Le ultime novità e gli eventi del mondo Cangini.


Cangini suggests you the most suitable equipment !

How to choose the right mulcher for your needs? This article can help you.

Cangini Benne awarded among the 100 Italian Excellences “Proud of the progress made so far and ambitious about the steps for the future”

On Thursday 16th December 2021, Cangini Benne was awarded by the Committee of Honour, in the renowned „Sala della Protomoteca“ in Campidoglio, Rome, for the VIIth Edition of the 100 Italian Excellences Award.

Internet of Things “Whoever thought this up is an innovator“

Connectivity is becoming the future of equipment management and appears to be fundamental to making equipment safer and more reliable.


Commitment to reduce environmental impacts has always been a key issue for the company world and recognising the value of a sustainable development and the intrinsic value of environmental resources is a step forward: a challenge that generates opportunities.

Sound roots and look towards the future

Important news from Cangini World

Ended thirty-years… We follow with other thirty.

Year 2020 opens with new and stimulating challenges for Cangini.

30 years together, and my thanks to all of you.

On Cangini Benne’s 30th anniversary, I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who has contributed to the growth of our operations throughout these years.

Bauma 2019: a new successful edition for Cangini

Bauma 2019 ended a few days ago with a rousing success. Every day hundreds of visitors surrounded the fifty Cangini exhibits and experienced the company’s motto “Welcome to Cangini World”.

Cangini at Bauma 2019

Del 8 al 14 de abril, quienes visiten Bauma 2019 podrán aprovechar de una ocasión única para conocer todos los productos y el personal de Cangini.