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cangini eccellenze italiane

Cangini’s range of mulchers has been designed to meet the various needs of the professional market of specialists in forestry and green maintenance, from the cleaning of small green areas to woods and forests.  The Cangini catalogue has been enriched with a wide range of products from the TC cutting header to the TX forestry mulchers.

This article will outline their main characteristics to guide you towards the choice of the most suitable product for your needs.

Uses and configurations of the TC mulcher

The TC mulcher is designed both in excavator (from 1.0 ton to 15.0 ton) and in front-end version for loaders, skid loaders and mini skid loaders.

It has different configurations:

  • With hammers if the need is to cut shrubs and similar vegetation up to a diameter of 10cm
  • With blades suitable for cutting grass or similar vegetation.

This equipment is capable of withstanding even heavy-duty work and its resistance is implemented by the integrated valve unit that optimises the engine’s performance and safeguards it from pressure peaks, thus increasing its working life.

Uses and configuration of forestry mulcher TX

The forestry mulcher also qualifies as a durable equipment for green maintenance, but with clear differences to the TC model above mentioned.

The forestry mulcher, in the excavator version, can be used on a tonnage range between 10.0-20.0 tons, therefore it cannot be mounted on excavators with an operating weight of less than 10 tons; in fact, the application of TC model is recommended on these. It is therefore advisable to use the Tx on excavators weighing more than 10 tons with a capacity of 100l @ 200bar. The same is also available for the front version, applicable on wheel loader and skid loaders.

It is designed with different types of rotors:

Forestry fixed-tooth rotor (R2) for heavy-duty work on trees up to 20/22 cm, but not recommended for brambles and reeds

Rotor for forest chips (R3) the most versatile, can be used for many purposes, from brushwood to trees, up to a diameter of 20/22 cm

It is also able to withstand intense workloads thanks to its piston engine and automatic cooling to maintain a constant oil temperature.

When to choose TC or TX in overlapping tonnage ranges (10-15 tonnes)?

The main difference lies in the technical characteristics of operating machine.

If these are sufficient to guarantee an adequate level of performance for the TX system, as they comply with the technical characteristics above  indicated, then the application is correct.

If the features are sufficient to meet the TC’s performance, the choice should fall on the TC mulcher. In any case it is important to check the type of work the equipment is to do, whether forestry or green maintenance.

And now it’s up to you, you have all the requirements to choose the best equipment!