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The M’lock, reversible quick coupling is equipped with the most advanced safety systems: the front visual indicator that is activated when the pins are engaged and shows the operator the coupling status from the cab; the double seat coupling fork and the side visual indicator. “Safe Check”allows you to check the coupling status. The side panels are made entirely of HB400. It is available even in semi automatic configuration.

The hydraulic version, with a double-acting system, handles coupling and uncoupling directly from the cab in a few seconds. The active safety system features a front safety lock that is activated when the pins are engaged and secures the tool, preventing it from accidentally falling in the event of incorrect engagement. If the pins disengage, the safety mechanism around the body of the coupler is automatically triggered. The coupling status can be checked easily and immediately by the driver in the cab thanks to a visual indicator on the attachment. Added to this is the triangular side indicator. During coupling, once the pins are engaged the operator can check the status at once from the cab; if the indicator is red, the operation has failed.
The new couplers are also fitted with an additional system to prevent accidental attachment drops. In response to the ever-tighter safety regulations, the new double cradle form of the fork provides an even greater obstacle to dropping of an incorrectly coupled attachment; if coupling alignment is incorrect and the tool position means there is a risk of disengagement, the pin is offered a backup locking position in the new fork profile, to prevent dropping.

safe check indicator

The new triangular ‘Safe Check’ side indicator allows the coupling status to be checked for increased safety.


Thefork’s double profile creates a greater obstacle to the tool falling.

Frontal indicator

Thanks to the visual front indicator, the coupling status can be checked directly from the cab.


Together, these three features make the quick coupling safe and compliant with the requirements of the Machinery Directive.