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The new ATC model auger is made of high quality steel and incorporates many features that make work easier and more efficient. It ensures efficient drilling thanks to the length of the auger, which is optimised according to diameter, while the constant spiral cut allows the tines to be arranged in such a way as to optimise digging.

The cutting angle of the teeth ensures that the waste material is thoroughly crushed to avoid any clogging. With different combinations of wear parts, these augers can adapt to soft soils, mixed rocky and even icy terrain. The Auger is supplied complete with pipes.

stump planer

The Auger accessory for effective, easy and clean removal of tree stumps of any size in a short time.


The attachment is compact and robust for easy processing and recycling of logs. The Conical Shape Makes Its Way Into The Log, Splitting It In Two.


Mixer bowl enables quick and easy mixing of concrete.