Cangini:back in March Con-expo trade fair

Back in March from 14th-18th, the Con-expo trade fair in Las Vegas, North America’s largest exhibition for the construction industry with over 2.8 million square metres of exhibition space.

With more than 1,800 exhibiting companies, it represents the stage for excellence in technical innovation applied to the earthmoving and construction industry.

Cangini Benne will be attending together with the Kinshofer Group in the F-881 Festival Grounds area with the aim of bringing some of its innovation, which has always been the beating heart of the company, onto American soil.

The products selected for this event characterise the wide range and are the result of careful analysis by the R&D department, which takes into account signals from the market, every evolution and every need of earthmoving professionals for constant product innovation.

To further highlight the orientation and innovative drive applied to our work equipment.

Here are the products called upon

Once again, products exemplifying our range will be present and showcased as static tools.

The green maintenance range will find in pole position the TC mulcher head and the forestry version with the TX-6 110 Force One model and more innovation with the X-plane laser blade integrated with the Interner of things system for precision trenching, backfilling and levelling work in the most diverse sectors, from road works to agriculture.

A demo area to experience

In the demo area the Multiscreening Bucket model VMS10 for excavators from 7.5 to 10.0 tons will be at work.

An innovative product, also available in the catalogue for front attachment, which with its patented screening system with double rotating drums in wear-resistant HB400 material, allows the choice and variation of the grain size of the material to be screened directly from the cab from a minimum of 25 mm to a maximum of 65 mm.

Never before has it been so easy and safe: no replacement of screening machine parts, no machine downtime, no need for personnel on the ground around it.

A piece of equipment with great possibilities and low environmental impact that allows part of the aggregates extracted from an excavation to be reused on site.

Among its main advantages is the benefit of producing more efficiently, reducing handling and processing steps to sort aggregates, making it the winning ally in the recycling and sorting field.

An opportunity that will see the strengthening of trade relations and business opportunities in the US market.

Cangini Benne will be located in Festival Grounds F-881.

Die breite Palette auf der Bauma in München

Im Vorfeld der internationalen Fachmesse Bauma, die vom 24. bis 30. Oktober in München stattfindet, bereitet sich die Firma Cangini mit großer Begeisterung darauf vor, seine Besucher in einem Umfeld zu empfangen, das dem Austausch von Ideen und Innovationen förderlich ist.

“Unsere Erwartungen? Wiedersehen mit europäischen Kunden, mit denen wir seit jeher eine wichtige Partnerschaft pflegen, und gleichzeitig neue potenzielle Treffen zur Stärkung und Ausweitung des Geschäfts auf neuen Märkten. Es wird auch eine Gelegenheit sein, Raum für Diskussionen zu schaffen und die Bedürfnisse der Nutzer und Experten des Sektors im Hinblick auf eine ständige Verbesserung anzuhören”, so die Worte von CEO Davide Cangini im Hinblick auf die nächste Veranstaltung. “Was Sie auf der Messe sehen werden, ist das Ergebnis der Bemühungen des gesamten Cangini-Teams und unserer ständigen Forschung und Entwicklung, die zu den ausgestellten Produkten geführt hat”.

Hier, was Sie auf der Messe finden werden!

Das Unternehmen ist bereit, sein ständig wachsendes Angebot an innovativen und aktuellen Produkten zu präsentieren.

Alle Produktkategorien werden vertreten sein: Löffel, Schnellwechsler und AnbauGeräte, von der Grünpflege über die Straßenpflege bis hin zu Bau, Forstwirtschaft und Siebung.

Auf der Bauma wird eine Reihe von Vorschauprodukten gezeigt, die noch nicht auf dem Markt sind, aber Anfang 2023 in den Katalog aufgenommen werden sollen.

Auch das Angebot an Schnellwechsler, das Kerngeschäft von Cangini, hat sich weiterentwickelt und eine neue Serie von Schnellwechsler auf den Markt gebracht, die den Anforderungen der neuen Sicherheitsrichtlinien Rechnung trägt.

Im Bereich der Siebschaufel wird in Kürze ein neues Modell auf den Markt kommen, das die Eigenschaften der derzeit auf dem Markt befindlichen Siebmaschinen optimiert, um den Siebvorgang zu erleichtern und eine höhere Produktivität zu erzielen.

Hinzu kommen die historischen Produkte, an deren Verbesserung die Ingenieure im Laufe der Jahre mitgewirkt haben, um auf die Bedürfnisse der Benutzer einzugehen, mit dem Ziel, die Leistung zu maximieren und die Arbeit vor Ort zu vereinfachen.

Und noch mehr Neuigkeiten warten auf Sie!

Die Firma Cangini Benne wird in Halle C. 5 am Stand 149 vertreten sein.

Safety on the job is a Cangini priority !

This is why Cangini has always invested in operator safety when using the equipment at work.

Safety on site and prevention of related risks are of great importance to Cangini, which guarantees a high degree of safety in its equipment, manufactured in accordance with Machinery Directive.

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC is a technical document adopted as law in each of the European Union member states for Machinery Manufacturers, which defines the requirements that each product must meet in terms of safety, in order to protect users from the risks arising from the use of machinery.

Using Cangini products means being sure of its technical features and the materials from which it is made, carefully studied at a technical level and evaluated during the design phase. This is concretised by the CE declaration of conformity.

Cangini product, a CE guarantee

The Declaration of Conformity certifies that the equipment has been constructed in complete safety for the work to perform and conforms to the quality standards required by the Machinery Directive. This is attested by the CE marking on the equipment and the accompanying Declaration of Conformity, which specifies the data relating to the machine: intended use, name of manufacturer, who makes up the technical file.

Products subject to the directive are issued with a CE plate and the User and Maintenance manual.

This manual describes the correct operating and maintenance instructions needed to use the product safely and in accordance with Machinery Directive.

The importance of the User and Maintenance manual

The Use and Maintenance manual is essential and Cangini attaches it to every piece of equipment it ships.

The Use and Maintenance manual is essential and Cangini attaches it to every piece of equipment it ships.

  • Informs about the limits of applicability of the equipment
  • Describes the training and instruction required of operators using the equipment
  • Indicates which use is incorrect and may cause damage to persons or property
  • Describes how to use the equipment safely
  • Provides information and technical data that may be useful in associations with the operating machine, procedures to be applied
  • Informs about routine maintenance to keep it at peak efficiency.
  • Reports the electrical and hydraulic data of the equipment.
  • Provides advice on problems that may occur during installation or use.