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“I want to reduce time and operations in order to increase productivity at the end of the day and do more with less effort” this is one of the needs most frequently asked for by construction site users and Earth Moving professionals.

At Cangini we listen to the market and think about the different alternatives that can add value and reduce our customers’ investment when it comes to equipment.

This is why we have created a versatile product that can reduce steps and optimise time with the use of a single piece of equipment: our 4-in-1 excavator bucket.

The 4-in-1 bucket allows with a single tool to perform digging, levelling, calibrated material dumping as well as having a serrated bite profile that allows different materials to be gripped through a double cylinder opening.

Equipped with a double toothed blade to allow safe gripping of material and a smooth blade for levelling operations.

Available in 6 different widths for excavators from 1.5 to 12 tonnes.

To increase its durability, it is equipped with the over-centre valve, which limits the stresses on the structure by protecting it, while to optimise performance in digging operations, DF teeth are supplied as standard.

A new catalogue, a world of options at your fingertips!

Our wide range and rich product portfolio represent a fundamental corporate value in an increasingly competitive and constantly changing market. We are ready to adapt to the constantly changing needs of users. Constant work on expanding the product range ensures that we can create a solid and lasting partnerships.

What’s next?

Come and discover the entire product range at upcoming events.

First of all the Mawev show in Austria to be held from 10 to 13 April, then the unmissable Intermat trade fair to be held at the Paris congress centre where we will actively participate in the central theme of the fair: innovation!

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