Screening operations? We manage them at a high level

Great satisfaction following the launch of the VRC screening bucket at the beginning of 2024.

The product is the result of careful analysis by the R&D department, which combines innovation and high productivity.

The new VRC screening bucket is designed to meet the ever-increasing challenges in the material sorting industry, representing a step forward in terms of efficiency, reliability and high productivity.

The main goal of the VRC Screening bucket is to reduce working time in the material selection stage by exponentially increasing the production capacity of the tool..

Cangini’s new model has an impressive hourly output for those looking for high performance and a durable, long-lasting construction material.

The bucket is equipped with an anti-shock valve that protects the engine from pressure peaks and ensures a long service life.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance of the screening machine will no longer be a concern thanks to some of the standard elements of which it is made up:

  • Automatic chain tensioning
  • Bearings centralized greasing
  • Easy replacement of the single shaft

These technical details are designed to reduce steps during routine product maintenance.

High performance over all weight ranges

Available in 6 different models for excavators from 2.5 ton up to heavier 22.0 ton machines. Thanks to the presence of at least 4 sieving shafts, the working area is optimised to allow excellent performance even when using the smallest model of screening machine.

Performance is at the heart of the design, in fact, its profile is designed to increase load capacity and ensure that work is always at its best.

While the shafts and the positioning of the discs have been designed with an arched arrangement and not flat like common screening machines on the market, to make the equipment even more efficient.

In fact, the arrangement of the shafts allows for a larger working area due to the narrow, curved profile that does not compromise the weight and size of the equipment.

When and for which activities should you choose the VRC screening bucket?

The screening bucket is suitable for reducing waste material directly on the construction site, which brings with it a number of advantages that are reflected in the operator’s daily work.

The main advantages include significant time savings, which are subsequently reflected in money savings, and a lower impact on the environment due to the reduction of working steps.

The use of the Cangini VRC is highly recommended for:

  • Working on sites where high hourly productivity is required
  • Sorting and separating organic waste
  • Sifting materials found in nature or resulting from demolition
  • Recovering aggregates following building renovations


“The potential on the French market is huge and, given the great interest gathered during the Intermat exhibition days, we are ready to seize it.

We will take up all the requests received at the fair with which we are very satisfied.

The entire range received a lot of interest, especially the ‘core’ products and new additions to our portfolio: the ‘EVO System’ quick coupler range and the VRC screening bucket.

Articles of which I am particularly proud as they are the result of a careful engineering and market analysis that leaves nothing to chance and has allowed us to bring reliable equipment to the market that meets the real needs of the Earth moving sector.”

These were positive and encouraging words from Davide Cangini, who responded in this way to the question regarding the results and expectations following the Intermat exhibition held from 24th to 27th April in Paris.

Many visitors from all over the world took part in the event and visited the Cangini Benne booth. Many already established business partners but also new faces and new entrepreneurial realities with which to establish concrete business relationships.


On the stand the complete product range, that reflects our proactivity to express ourselves in multiple fields of application always with an emphasis on innovative technologies.

Top product was the VRC screening bucket, which was widely appreciated by the public in particular for some of its unrivalled features:

  • Its conical profile increases the working surface and the respective performance
  • Its low maintenance thanks to a centralised greasing system and the possible replacement of individual discs
  • Its materials and design designed for durability

Another notable group of products are the Evo system quick couplings, which comply with the stringent safety standards for quick couplers. In fact, they are equipped with the famous triple safety system:

  • Triangular ‘Safe check’ side indicator allows the coupling status to be checked for increased safety.
  • • The double profile creates a greater obstacle to the tool falling.
  • Front visual indicator allows the coupling status to be checked directly from the cab.

Particularly in the foreground was the range of CR couplings made entirely with a cast body, while maintaining the safety features described above.


The road to Bauma Munich, which will be held from 7th to 13th April 2025, is now underway for us.

“The Munich trade fair has always been the kermesse of the earth moving world, and also in view of this event we will do what we do best: aim high.

We will aim high in terms of product to continue to increase its quality and in terms of service to provide our customers with state-of-the-art equipment in multiple fields of application. ” says Davide Cangini.

Lots of news at upcoming trade fairs: Mawev and Intermat

We are ready to announce big news.

We have always worked actively to bring innovative solutions to the market that improve the well-being and safety of construction site operators and their daily activities.

Not only innovative ideas, but also the search for quality, progress and safety are at the heart of all our new projects.

We are proud to have placed among the finalist candidates for the Innovation award at the Intermat trade fair in Paris with our Evo system for the safe and innovative quick-attach system range, nominated in the ‘Earthmoving & Demolition’ category.

An innovation waiting to be explored

The Evo system is a system that can be applied to the entire range of Cangini Benne quick couplings with the main added value linked to the concept of safety and operational efficiency that meets the new safety regulations.

This innovative system makes it possible to check directly from the cab station whether the quick coupling has correctly completed the coupling phase. For this there is a dual indicator system that informs the operator whether the quick-attach coupling has fully engaged with the adapter.

The two visual elements are positioned laterally and frontally for maximum safety, allowing a full coupling condition to be visually distinguished from a partial coupling condition between quick coupling and adapter.

3 essential and patented elements

In detail, the Evo version consists of three essential and patented elements that give it a high level of safety on the construction site:

  • Yellow, triangular-shaped ‘Safe Check’ side indicator with high visibility and made of durable material
  • Front indicator visible to the operator in the cab
  • Double-ended fork that prevents the risk of the tool accidentally falling over the entire stroke, up to an angle of 30° from the vertical of the digging arm.

Its shape allows the tool to be released only once it is placed on the ground in a stable position.

A solution that further improves efficiency in terms of results, while limiting user maintenance work.

An Eco-system

By using the EVO concept, the user also reduces the impact on the environment, as it limits the maintenance that would be required if the quick coupling were equipped with electronic or mechanical components.

Come to the fair from 24 to 27 April

The EVO system awaits you at the Paris trade fair from 24 to 27 April. Our staff will be available to show you all the advantages.

Our brand is transformed and renewed

A visit to our stand at the trade fair is a must!

We are excited to share an important new development that reflects the sense of evolution and future orientation that has always distinguished our brand.

Today we present ourselves with a renewed face and a new image that fully highlights our identity and the spirit of innovation and energy that has always driven our achievements.

Nothing else will change, our values such as innovative drive and continuous commitment to improvement will always be the same.

Discover the new restyled website and the newly redesigned catalogue dedicated to buckets, quick couplers and attachments.

We look forward to seeing you at the next trade fairs:

  • Mawev show 10-13 April in Vaz. Sant. Polten Austria
  • Intermat in Paris 24-27 April Nord Villepinte

Because the news doesn’t stop here!

The jobsite revolution: one bucket, multiple possibilities

“I want to reduce time and operations in order to increase productivity at the end of the day and do more with less effort” this is one of the needs most frequently asked for by construction site users and Earth Moving professionals.

At Cangini we listen to the market and think about the different alternatives that can add value and reduce our customers’ investment when it comes to equipment.

This is why we have created a versatile product that can reduce steps and optimise time with the use of a single piece of equipment: our 4-in-1 excavator bucket.

The 4-in-1 bucket allows with a single tool to perform digging, levelling, calibrated material dumping as well as having a serrated bite profile that allows different materials to be gripped through a double cylinder opening.

Equipped with a double toothed blade to allow safe gripping of material and a smooth blade for levelling operations.

Available in 6 different widths for excavators from 1.5 to 12 tonnes.

To increase its durability, it is equipped with the over-centre valve, which limits the stresses on the structure by protecting it, while to optimise performance in digging operations, DF teeth are supplied as standard.

A new catalogue, a world of options at your fingertips!

Our wide range and rich product portfolio represent a fundamental corporate value in an increasingly competitive and constantly changing market. We are ready to adapt to the constantly changing needs of users. Constant work on expanding the product range ensures that we can create a solid and lasting partnerships.

What’s next?

Come and discover the entire product range at upcoming events.

First of all the Mawev show in Austria to be held from 10 to 13 April, then the unmissable Intermat trade fair to be held at the Paris congress centre where we will actively participate in the central theme of the fair: innovation!

Stay up to date with news from the Cangini world.

High performance for a more sustainable working style!

The constant work of Cangini’s research and development department is aimed at responding to the sector’s most imminent needs, which require an ever-increasing optimisation of performance, the reduction of processing steps and consequently the respective consumption. Added to this is the possibility of sorting and reusing construction materials.

The company’s main objective has always been to limit its impact on the environment by promoting an ‘ecological transition’ towards a more sustainable future for the EMM world.

In this challenge, earthmoving and digital nowadays travel in parallel. It has become increasingly indispensable to keep up with the times to better exploit the benefits brought by technology and thus optimise the quality of work while reducing environmental impact.

Digitisation involves the company organisation across the board and also finds its place in the management of internal processes, allowing them to be automated by making them faster and easier to monitor with the focus on optimising resources.

Cangini has been working in this direction for some time now, introducing equipment on the market that guarantees high performance and a long service life.

Having better performing equipment means reducing the operational steps of the different processes, positively influencing daily consumption and their impact on the environment.

The Cangini product range goes further in this direction.

Among the products introduced in the catalogue is the DC crusher bucket for excavators, which allows rubble and debris to be reprocessed and recycled into reusable products.

Furthermore, its high efficiency, ensured by the presence of a planetary gearbox and the seven-sided crushing cone, makes it a low-impact equipment.

Adding to the list are the dedicated primary and secondary demolition grabs that focus on the recovery of waste materials and their reuse. There will be plenty of novelties at the forthcoming trade fairs, where new products in line with a sustainable working style and in step with the times will not be missing. Stay up to date with all the news from the Cangini world.

The importance of customer service: Cangini’s trademark

Meeting the needs of construction equipment professionals and users has always been Cangini Benne’s goal, which it shows in several strategic choices and in various aspects of customer relations.

Company’s mission has always been to recognise itself as a solid and reliable partner in all the stages that make up the relationship with the user, from the choice of the best equipment for one’s needs, to assistance during installation and any after-sales service.

The Cangini brand is founded on a set of values that aim for excellence, among them: innovation, trust and safety.

Why is choosing the right partner important?

Becoming part of the Cangini world means being able to count on the technical and commercial skills of a staff ready to advise on the best solution for your site activities and for all types of earthmoving equipment.

Cangini’s sales network is widespread and solid throughout Europe thanks to a network of more than 1,000 dealers throughout the country and official, selected distribution points that reflect the values of the manufacturer.

Each Cangini dealer has the necessary expertise to assist the user in the purchase decision phase and provide with the equipment for every type of machine, from mini excavators to wheel loaders, including backhoe loaders and telehandlers, in a shortest time.

This is supported by an ever-expanding range of products that meet high standards of quality and detail from product concept at the prototype stage to the choice of durable raw materials.

Every day, market demands are listened in order to respond to the users on construction sites who need high-performance, durable and safe equipment. The result of this analysis is the extensive product catalogue from buckets, quick couplers to attachments that cater for applications in forestry, landscaping, road maintenance, construction sites and screening.

Catalogue introductions

Cangini’s product portfolio has expanded further with the introduction of primary and secondary demolition equipment into the catalogue: the Gator demolition rotating pulverisers and the reinforced DG and DGR demolition grapples recently entered with the launch of Cangini 27.5 catalogue.

For crushing needs, the DC crusher bucket was designed to reprocess and recycle rubble and debris into usable aggregates.

Back on the market by popular demand are the front skid buckets that have been revamped from the historical ones with a profile that allows excellent loading capacity and robustness that guarantees a long service life.

The range extension that has always distinguished Cangini makes it an all-round partner with more than 30 years of recognised experience, on which you can rely for the complete equipment of your operating machine from the quick couplers to the buckets and attachments.

CE-certified safety

Cangini’s service also responds if a problem needs to be solved and spare parts required.

Cangini works in accordance with the Machinery Directive and certifies its equipment with CE marking. The CE Declaration of Conformity certifies that the equipment has been manufactured in total safety for the work it is to carry out and therefore fulfils the quality standards required by the Machinery Directive.

Products subject to the directive are issued with a CE plate identifying them and the relevant user and maintenance manual (U&M).

Cangini:back in March Con-expo trade fair

Back in March from 14th-18th, the Con-expo trade fair in Las Vegas, North America’s largest exhibition for the construction industry with over 2.8 million square metres of exhibition space.

With more than 1,800 exhibiting companies, it represents the stage for excellence in technical innovation applied to the earthmoving and construction industry.

Cangini Benne will be attending together with the Kinshofer Group in the F-881 Festival Grounds area with the aim of bringing some of its innovation, which has always been the beating heart of the company, onto American soil.

The products selected for this event characterise the wide range and are the result of careful analysis by the R&D department, which takes into account signals from the market, every evolution and every need of earthmoving professionals, for constant product innovation.

To further highlight the orientation and innovative drive applied to our work equipment.

Here are the products called upon

Once again, products exemplifying our range will be presented and showcased as static tools.

The green maintenance range will find in pole position the TC mulcher head and the forestry version with the TX-6 110 Force One model and more innovation with the X-plane laser blade integrated with the Interner of things for precision trenching, backfilling and levelling work in the most diverse sectors, from road works to agriculture.

A demo area to experience

In the demo area the Multiscreening Bucket model VMS10 for excavators from 7.5 to 10.0 tons will be at work.

An innovative product, also available in the catalogue for front attachment, which with its patented screening system with double rotating drums in wear-resistant HB400 material, allows the choice and variation of the grain size of the material to be screened directly from the cab from a minimum of 25 mm to a maximum of 65 mm.

Never before has it been so easy and safe: no replacement of screening machine parts, no machine downtime, no need for personnel on the ground around it.

A piece of equipment with great possibilities and low environmental impact that allows part of the aggregates extracted from an excavation to be reused on site.

Among its main advantages is the benefit of producing more efficiently, reducing handling and processing steps to sort aggregates, making it the winning ally in the recycling and sorting field.

An opportunity that will see the strengthening of trade relations and business opportunities in the US market.

Cangini Benne will be located in Festival Grounds F-881.

The extensive range presented at Bauma in Munich

Ahead of the international Bauma trade fair to be held in Munich from 24 to 30 October, Cangini is enthusiastically preparing to welcome its visitors to an environment that favours the exchange of ideas and innovation.

“Our expectations? To meet again the European customers with whom we have always had an important partnership, and at the same time to make new potential meetings to strengthen and extend business in new markets. It will also be an opportunity to give space for discussion, listening to the needs of users and professionals in the sector, with a view to continuous improvement,’ these are the words of CEO Davide Cangini in anticipation of the next edition. “What you will see on display at the fair is the result of the efforts of the entire Cangini team and our constant investment in Research and Development that has resulted in the products that will be on show,” he continues.

Here is what you will find at the fair!

The company is ready to present its ever-increasing range of innovative and up-to-date products.

All product categories will be present: buckets, quick couplers and attachments, from green maintenance to road maintenance, construction, forestry and screening.

The Bauma showcase will feature some preview products, not yet launched on the market, which will enter the catalogue at the beginning of 2023.

Among them, Cangini’s range of quick couplings, company’s core business, has also evolved with the launch of a new series of couplings that anticipates the demands of new safety guidelines.

As far as the screening machine range is concerned, there will soon be the entry of a new model that optimises the features of the screening machine now on the market, designed to facilitate the screening operation and have higher productivity.

In addition to these are the historical products that over the years the engineers have helped to improve in order to listen to the needs of its users with the aim of optimising performance while simplifying work on site.

And even more news are waiting for you!

Cangini Benne will be in Hall C.5 at stand 149.

Safety on the job is a Cangini priority !

This is why Cangini has always invested in operator safety when using the equipment at work.

Safety on site and prevention of related risks are of great importance to Cangini, which guarantees a high degree of safety in its equipment, manufactured in accordance with Machinery Directive.

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC is a technical document adopted as law in each of the European Union member states for Machinery Manufacturers, which defines the requirements that each product must meet in terms of safety, in order to protect users from the risks arising from the use of machinery.

Using Cangini products means being sure of its technical features and the materials from which it is made, carefully studied at a technical level and evaluated during the design phase. This is concretised by the CE declaration of conformity.

Cangini product, a CE guarantee

The Declaration of Conformity certifies that the equipment has been constructed in complete safety for the work to perform and conforms to the quality standards required by the Machinery Directive. This is attested by the CE marking on the equipment and the accompanying Declaration of Conformity, which specifies the data relating to the machine: intended use, name of manufacturer, who makes up the technical file.

Products subject to the directive are issued with a CE plate and the User and Maintenance manual.

This manual describes the correct operating and maintenance instructions needed to use the product safely and in accordance with Machinery Directive.

The importance of the User and Maintenance manual

The Use and Maintenance manual is essential and Cangini attaches it to every piece of equipment it ships.

It is detailed and easy to understand. It is important to consult it carefully because:

  • Informs about the limits of applicability of the equipment
  • Describes the training and instruction required of operators using the equipment
  • Indicates which use is incorrect and may cause damage to persons or property
  • Describes how to use the equipment safely
  • Provides information and technical data that may be useful in associations with the operating machine, procedures to be applied
  • Informs about routine maintenance to keep it at peak efficiency.
  • Reports the electrical and hydraulic data of the equipment.
  • Provides advice on problems that may occur during installation or use.