Downtime is lost time.
For this reason the blades of the Sharp-cut branch cutter bar are made of Hardox 450, a material harder than the traditional building steels. So it is strength and able to support the most severe working conditions.

The forestry protection and enhancement experts need to safeguard the plants’ regrowth by precision-pruning works. An inaccurate cut can damage the tree irreparably. This is why Cangini next-gen “Sharp-cut” branch-cutting bar is the ideal choice. It is a robust tool, fit for the tree pruning till 100 mm. Its compact design makes it easily handled and used even in areas characterized by a dense vegetation. The cutting bar can be mounted on both sides of the excavator’s arm, thus giving the operator the chance of reaching areas that he could not reach otherwise simply bending or straightening the arm. The blades’ serrated edge firmly grabs the branch and contributes to the “Sharp-cut” result.




its blades made in Hardox 450 – a material that is harder than the traditional building steels – support the most severe working conditions.


Together with the high cutting speed, its double-sharpen blades grant the most precise cut.
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