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A year marked by a difficult macroeconomic context is coming to an end.

Despite the uncertainties of the market, Cangini Benne has shown flexibility in adapting to changes in the market to ensure the continuity of its products and to satisfy consumers.

Davide Cangini (Managing Director of Cangini Benne) thus shares some thoughts about this year just around the corner:

“What balance do you feel like drawing at this point in the year?”

“Despite the macroeconomic picture in 2022, marked by strong inflation and a contracture in the various European markets, we can still confirm the high level of interest in the range. As far as demand is concerned, although there have been some shifts, we are closing with a positive balance. We expect to close the year with about +23% compared to 2021,’ says Davide Cangini.

” What is the reason for the company’s success to date?”

“Certainly the results we have achieved have not been achieved through the efforts of one person alone, but thanks to the ideas and skills of a large team; this is how we manage to create value for the company.

My goal is sustainable growth, which is based on production innovation and resource optimisation to ensure high standards of product quality and reliability.

I like to think that the value of an idea lies in knowing how to put it into practice, and we are able to do that. ‘ Cangini continues.

“What are the forecasts for the new year?”

“For this 2023 I expect a market downturn that will push companies to further optimise their resources, a segment on which we have already been working for some time in order to maintain a high level of competitiveness. As far as Cangini is concerned, we will continue to invest in research and development to improve product performance and ensure high safety for the customer.” He concludes.

A global reality that also this year sees growing numbers for equipment sales which are up +31% and an increase of +27% on quick couplings and +24% on buckets.