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Thanks to its easy handling and its compact frame, the Cangini roll sweeper for excavators is the ideal tool for cleaning vertical surfaces such as walls, tunnels or old city walls, and any area otherwise difficult to reach using frontal tools.

Coupled with all types of excavator, it is suitable for sweeping streets, work sites, railway tracks and parking areas, removing gravel, dirt or snow.
It can be equipped with a brushing roller in ppl for standard usages, or in steel + ppl to work on abrasive surfaces.
Its adjustable stabilizing shoes keep brushes from bending when the sweeper is set on the ground. This way, sweeping quality is preserved over time.
The direct drive engine with disc distribution is placed inside the sweeper shaft, to reduce overall operational dimensions and grant the sweeper easy handling and functionality.
Highly resistant, it is equipped with a pressure relief valve that improves the engine’s performance and protects it from pressure peaks, guaranteeing a long working life.
It is very convenient in urban areas, with its optional sprinkling system to reduce dust generated by the work process.


The reduced dimensions make its handling easier and its usage comfortable in areas difficult to reach.

spazzola rullo Cangini