Why is it special? Because the V series of screening buckets is equipped with a patented system thanks to which you can replace sieving shafts rapidly, without intervening on transmission. What is the advantage? Time saving ad cost reduction.

The screening bucket is performing and designed to increase both the yield and the speed of your work.
Mainly used in the screening and recycling work fields, it is also utilized in the horticultural sector, to mix soil and peat, to clear the ground and to cover drainage channels with the material resulting from digging works.
The screening operation is carried out by an hydraulic sieve provided with rotating HB400 knives. The material size can vary from 0 to 20 mm (0 - 0,8 in) and from 0 to 35 mm (0 - 1,4 in) with a standard equipment. Customized shafts can be also supplied.



Time saving ad cost reduction

Thanks to the patented system, it is possible to replace shafts rapidly and modify the sieved material size, without intervening on transmission.


The high quality of the material utilized in the knife construction, Hardox 400 - a widely stable and high-resistant steel - allows the operator to obtain great operational reliability, high breaking strength and high durability.

Long useful life

The safety valve protects the engine against the pressure peaks occurring during the working cycles.
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