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Its elongated shape, particularly popular in the Netherlands and surrounding countries, facilitates the discharge of clay and wet materials because it prevents the earth from sticking to the sides and enables it to slide off more easily.

benna scavo netherlands cangini

Cangini buckets are the ideal choice for ditch digging and clearance, loading and finishing operations.
The reinforcing bands welded to the bottom, an area subject to heavy stresses, make these buckets especially rugged and ensure a long working life.
They have HB400 steel blade suitable for operation even on compacted and abrasive terrains.
Their new design ensures high load capacity alongside rapid, clean discharge, for quick, efficient work.
The wide range of models allows the perfect match for every excavator, providing the best performance for each specific class and application from 0.6 to 12 ton.
Versatile and high-performing, in combination with the CW reversible adapter the Netherlands digging bucket can be used in both standard and reverse positions.
The advantages increase even more in combination with the Twist system, enabling the bucket to tilt up to 90° on either side, or Rototwist, allowing 55° tilt and 360° rotation.


The elongated profile facilitates the discharge of clay and wet material.

profilo scavo cangini netherlands
retro benna scavo cangini olanda


With the CW reversible adapter, the bucket can be used in both standard and reverse positions.


The reinforcing bands and HB400 high strength steel blade give this bucket excellent penetration capacity and ensure it a long working life.

rinforzi benna scavo netherlands cangini