High productivity and use even in heavy-duty conditions thanks to hydraulic rotation standard on all models, and claws and blades in hardwearing HB400 steel.

Designed to handle a variety of materials, with exceptional wear resistance over time thanks to construction in high-strength steel.
Thanks to a strong closing capacity and a high operational agility, they are specially designed for the recycling centres to sort and handle aggregates, iron or waste materials.
Versatile, it is particularly useful on sites needing to handle a variety of materials in short times.
The Cangini sorting grapple can be fitted with a large assortment of accessories: side closing, with or without teeth, which increases its load capacity for a more effective grip on stones and timber, teeth for a precise gripping of bulk material, curb handling with rubber surfaces for the secure handling of concrete curbs, and the additional toothed blades for handling stones and aggregates. Thanks to a specially rugged structure, it can also tackle light-duty demolition jobs.




Bidirectional hydraulic rotation for all models.


Use of high-strength steels in the clamps’ construction. Hardening treatment of the pins. Cemented bushings.


The pressure relief flanged valve protects the engine against the pressure peaks.
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