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The constant work of Cangini’s research and development department is aimed at responding to the sector’s most imminent needs, which require an ever-increasing optimisation of performance, the reduction of processing steps and consequently the respective consumption. Added to this is the possibility of sorting and reusing construction materials.

The company’s main objective has always been to limit its impact on the environment by promoting an ‘ecological transition’ towards a more sustainable future for the EMM world.

In this challenge, earthmoving and digital nowadays travel in parallel. It has become increasingly indispensable to keep up with the times to better exploit the benefits brought by technology and thus optimise the quality of work while reducing environmental impact.

Digitisation involves the company organisation across the board and also finds its place in the management of internal processes, allowing them to be automated by making them faster and easier to monitor with the focus on optimising resources.

Cangini has been working in this direction for some time now, introducing equipment on the market that guarantees high performance and a long service life.

Having better performing equipment means reducing the operational steps of the different processes, positively influencing daily consumption and their impact on the environment.

The Cangini product range goes further in this direction.

Among the products introduced in the catalogue is the DC crusher bucket for excavators, which allows rubble and debris to be reprocessed and recycled into reusable products.

Furthermore, its high efficiency, ensured by the presence of a planetary gearbox and the seven-sided crushing cone, makes it a low-impact equipment.

Adding to the list are the dedicated primary and secondary demolition grabs that focus on the recovery of waste materials and their reuse. There will be plenty of novelties at the forthcoming trade fairs, where new products in line with a sustainable working style and in step with the times will not be missing. Stay up to date with all the news from the Cangini world.