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“Innovation has always been a key driver for Cangini. We have always invested on it and we will further continue on that way, looking for the best performing product that is closest to the users’ needs,” declares the company’s technical director.

“The concept of innovation for the Cangini world is not only linked to the commitment of the R&D department aimed at increasing product performance, but above all also linked to a concept of sustainability.”.

In fact, Cangini Benne takes a concrete view of today’s environmental situation, which clearly sets out the problem of pollution, recognising the value of sustainable development and the intrinsic value of environmental resources in order to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The strong orientation towards innovation goes hand in hand with a sustainable commitment to a better ability to measure business decisions by analysing all impacts (economic and non-economic) in the short, medium and long term.

In this regard, one of the products that Cangini Benne associates with the principle of sustainability is its Multiscreening VMS bucket. This is an equipment with great possibilities and a low environmental impact, which allows part of the aggregates extracted from an excavation to be reused on site

 Among the main advantages there is the benefit of producing more efficiently, reducing handling and processing steps to select aggregates.

The design work carried out by Cangini’s technicians therefore results in a reduction in consumption, optimisation of the hours available to the operator, who no longer has to move from one vehicle to another to carry out the work, and a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions into the air.

Something more about the attachment:

The VMS double-drum rotary screening bucket is not only aimed at optimising working time and consumption, but is also suitable for screening operations even on rough terrain. Its grain size variation system, hydraulically controlled from the cab, allows selection from a minimum of 25 to a maximum of 65mm without interrupting the work cycle.

The HB400 steel drums make the bucket highly resistant to wear, guaranteeing a high work rate and an increase in its useful life.

VMS Cangini is the winning ally in recycling and sorting fields.

An example of sustainability combined with ease of use that is increasingly in demand among specialists.

A challenge that generates opportunities!