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The company is introducing a new series of advanced and innovative quick couplers to face construction sites with more safety and efficiency.

Cangini’s wide and reliable range of quick couplings finds its progress with the introduction of the EVO SYSTEM version, directly linked to an evolutionary concept that matches some historical models, in the catalogue since 1989 and widely appreciated by the market.

All about safety

Added value of this new system is linked to the concept of safety.

The new version of quick couplers meets the new safety regulations required by Machinery Directive.

The new version features a coupling and locking system that allows visual assessment of the coupling status.

With this configuration it is possible to check directly from the cab if the quick coupling has correctly completed the coupling phase. In this case a dual display system informs the operator when the quick coupler has fully engaged with the adapter.

The two visual elements are positioned laterally and frontally.

The new yellow, triangular-shaped ‘Safe Check’ side visual indicator allows full control of the coupling status, while the front indicator allows the same to be checked directly from the cab. When the indicator is no longer visible, the pins are properly engaged.

The EVO system has an additional feature the fork’s double profile

that prevents the risk of the tool accidentally falling over the entire stroke, up to an angle of 30°.

Its shape allows the tool to be released once it is placed on the ground.

An ever-growing range that proves to be a winner when it comes to safety.