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cangini eccellenze italiane

On Thursday 16th December 2021, Cangini Benne was awarded by the Committee of Honour, in the renowned „Sala della Protomoteca“ in Campidoglio, Rome, for the VIIth Edition of the 100 Italian Excellences Award.

Aims of the 100 excellences

The aim of 100 Eccellenze Italiane is to reward 100 protagonists among various Italian realities, selected for their valuable contribution to the country’s growth.

The story of 100 Eccellenze Italiane tells about personalities, companies and organisations that contribute to enhancing the national scene with their work. Among the organisers are some authoritative members of the Honour Committee.

The words of C.E.O. Davide Cangini

“The attitude of always giving one’s best and the orientation towards results have always represented the identity of our brand and have been decisive elements to face these last years of complexity brought by the pandemic. This honorary award makes us proud of all the efforts we have invested in the company’s growth.“ Says Davide Cangini. “I believe this achievement reflects the hard work and dedication behind each and every product. Our strength comes from the passion and commitment of our team, which makes our products unique. I would like to thank them and our customers for their continued support.“

Challenges for the future? Innovation, technology and digitisation

Questo risultato è per Cangini un traguardo sì, ma allo stesso tempo, anche un punto di partenza che sprona a fare ancora di più verso progetti ambiziosi e orientati al futuro, consapevoli di poterci riuscire.

Technological innovation and digitisation will present us with ever greater challenges in the coming years. They will open the doors to a multitude of services and configurations, making the interaction between man and technology essential.

For Cangini Benne, innovation is a continuous process, which begins with the conception of the idea and continues until its concrete realisation. This task is entrusted to the R&D department, in which we continue to invest, specialised in the design and implementation of technological innovations developed to make the work of the operators on site more efficient. With a view to constant improvement.