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Meeting and sharing were at the heart of this long-awaited event, which ended with all positive numbers.

A frenetic stand that, for the entire seven days of the fair, welcomed many visits that ended with a request for an offer. This meant that the strong networking activity, together with the high media impact, played a key role in the overall outcome of the event.

Many potential dealers, from various parts of the world, expressed their interest in the products and service offered, willing to start a partnership with the company.

A successful comeback for Cangini’s team

Bauma was a success for Cangini, which can confirm the continued interest in its entire range, which is increasingly expanding, from established products to those newly added to the catalogue.

And it was precisely at Bauma that the company demonstrated this ongoing expansion. The products previewed were placed in the spotlight to great acclaim.

The result of the R&D department’s innovation was the prototype VRC screening bucket, which with its new, cleaner profile and shaft distribution for higher productivity and loading capacity, charmed many users who stopped by to ask for more information.

Evo-lution serie

Added to the above products are the new EVO version quick coupler, which aim for greater safety. The new version features a coupling and locking system that allows visual assessment of the coupling status.

With this configuration it is possible to check directly from the cab if the quick coupling has correctly completed the coupling phase. In this case a dual display system informs the operator when the quick coupler has fully engaged with the adapter.

The new yellow, triangular-shaped ‘Safe Check’ side visual indicator allows full control of the coupling status, while the front indicator allows the same to be checked directly from the cab. Added to this is the double fork’s profile , which amplifies the safety concept by preventing the risk of the tool accidentally falling off.

We are Cangini : Commitment, passion and dedication

“We couldn’t be more satisfied, the Bauma trade fair gave us the opportunity to meet long-standing customers but also many potential dealers from all over the world. This allowed us to compare ideas and gather insights for continuous improvement. ” The words of Davide Cangini.

“All the Cangini staff with commitment and dedication contributed to the excellent result of this event, so my thanks go to the whole team, both those who were on site but also all those who from behind the scenes collaborated and made this result possible”.