The cut wood handling needs strong tools, able to assist the operator in his work and to grant an effective, quick and clean work.

Built with high-resistant materials, the WG serie offers the operational and safety features requested for these operations. It is characterized by great resistance, load capacity and closing strength, qualities that make them the best choice to pick up and handle logs and branches precisely and safely.
High lifting capacity and clamping force for these wood grabs that are the ideal tool for the clean collection and handling of logs, branches, beams and railway sleepers.
The double clamp structure allows the grabs to hold the logs firmly, while the cutting edges grant a high compaction capacity.
Their 360° hydraulic rotation – this function is linked to the choice of the hydraulic rotor - assists the operator in the logs’ grip phase, speeding up this operation and making his work effective.
Grabs can be equipped with three different rotors, following the power they need to produce and the ton class of the machine they are coupled with. The Basic hydraulic rotor 360° is mounted on grabs working with machines up to 7,0 tons and that will support a medium workload.
The flanged hydraulic rotor grants the grabs higher strength and compactness, to suit them to the heaviest works. These grabs can equip machines up to 18,0 tons.
The Mechanical rotor It provides the automatic adjustment of the mechanical rotation up to 300° to the grabs coupled with machines from 1,2 to 7,0 tons.




The high quality of the material utilized in its construction, Domex 700 – a widely stable and high-resistant steel - allows the operator to obtain great operational reliability, high breaking strength and high durability.


A block valve is provided as standard equipment on the clamp-closing cylinder, thus granting a high safety level. In case of pressure loss on the hydraulic line that operates their movement, clamps remain in a locked position.


A wide range for the grabs: 11 standard models for machines up to 18 tons, to satisfy a growing and varied request for log handling tools.
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