The result of the auger’s application is a precise, quick and well done work:
from the drilling of holes for the tree planting or the collection of ground samples to the positioning of poles, mooring systems and pillars, the high performance is granted.

The Cangini auger allows a precise and quick work. Its strength offers high performances.
Hydraulic, bi-directional, it is equipped with an epicyclical reducer. Produced in Italy, this reducer grants a high reliability and a long useful life to all models, optimising their yield for every corresponding machine tonnage. With a compact design, it is protected by a steel, octagonal and closed-section envelope that preserves it from shocks.
The double-pin attachment allows to realize perpendicular drillings in any sloping ground.
The 3 pin options allow to use the auger in soils of different consistencies. The Standard bit is suited to low-medium consistency soils.
The Medium bit drills the mixed grounds of medium-high consistency.
The Rock bit works in the most difficult and hard ground conditions, where rocks are encountered in a high percentage.
With a standard length of 1000 mm, the extension boom increases the drilling depth. It is also possible to realize extensions of different sizes following different drilling depth needs.




Its transmission with gear reducer and double tilting joint enables the operator to drill in any slope condition.


The gear reducer’s action guarantees a high torque speed on all models. As a result, both operating speeds and yields are optimised on the relevant tonnage. A steel envelope preserves it from shocks.


The 3 pin options allow to use the auger in soils of different consistencies.
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