Everything under control. The laser transmitter sends the collected data to the receiver that drives the blade enabling it to create a controlled and extremely precise plan. You can drive the blade manually basing your actions on the data shown on the display, or you can rely on the completely automatic pattern.


Conceived to withstand the highest stresses, the laser dozer blade grants the realization of a perfectly controlled plane thanks to its extremely strong body.
Behind the mouldboard, at the same level of the machine coupling area, a roller is fixed. It is able to reduce the machine’s pitch, compact the levelled surface and improve its finishing level.
Two displays are at the operator’s disposal: inside the cab, the control box allows him to control the blade and all its functions by hand; the display positioned outside the cab in his best visual field allows him to check the blade’s positions constantly in relation to the laser signal and to make the necessary corrections both automatically and manually. The entire work process is under constant control.




It can work the most different materials, even the most demanding and hard ones, thanks to its strong body and the blade made of Hardox 400, harder than the traditional building steels.


Faster and more precise levelling and finishing works thanks to the combined action of the TILT hydraulic horizontal ± 8°adjustment, the ANGLE hydraulic side ± 30° adjustment and the height regulation.


The roller compacts the plane and improves the finishing work, without any need for reworking.
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